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The Health Benefits

Eat Perfect Fuel Chocolate in the morning, afternoon, or 30 min before a workout to give you the long lasting endurance you need, without the caffeine jitters. Endurance Chocolate is the perfect combination of nutritious cocoa and the…


Running’s Sole Mate

  Perfect Fuel Chocolate is proud to kick up dust about next week’s 1st annual Boston Barefoot Running Festival. It seems that barefoot running is our perfect match- promoting an innovative idea with a healthy lifestyle. Next weekend, Boston’s very


Recipe: Perfect Fuel Chili

It’s no secret. I’m shamelessly obsessed with chocolate. And sweet potatoes. And chili. And food… I guess? Right? Okay. After receiving the greatest little package in the world from Perfect Fuel Chocolate, I’ve been up to my big, fat, puffy,


Cacao 101

We already know about many of the benefits of eating cacao/raw chocolate, but what about where it all starts? Here is some basic information on the “food of the gods” before it becomes chocolate. If you’ve never seen a cacao


Recipe: Healthy Chocolate Fudge Cake

Hello all! Today we’re going to show you how to use Perfect Fuel Chocolate for baking purposes!  Remember how I really like to have cake for breakfast? Well, today is no different. Except: I’ve decided to eat two pieces instead of

Assorted fruit

Nature’s Immune Boosters

During the winter, every cough, sigh, and handshake in the office, on the subway, or at the grocery store can appear to be a deliberate plan to spread germs. If you’re like me, you don’t enjoy the constant barrage of


Crave-ology, or the Science of Cravings

We’ve all been there – you’re innocently going about your day, when suddenly a craving for chocolate demands your attention. Sure, you can try to ignore it, but eventually you’ll need at least a bite or two of the good


The First Rule of Fitness

You don’t have to be an expert to know the most important rule of fitness: be an advocate for your own well-being. Doing so means listening to your body to learn its limitations and strengths, and educating yourself about proper


What I Know About Cacao

As the weather in Boston turns cold, I reminisce fondly of my time in the tropics. For two years, I worked with cacao growers in Ecuador, the cradle of some of the highest quality cacao in the world. Cacao arriba,

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