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What DOESN’T It Do?

Coconut oil is a miracle worker. Plain and simple.  It it nature’s cure-all. A multipurpose cleaner, if you will, for the human body. I first started to use coconut oil after reading about all that it remedies in The Complete


The Health Benefits

Eat Perfect Fuel Chocolate in the morning, afternoon, or 30 min before a workout to give you the long lasting endurance you need, without the caffeine jitters. Endurance Chocolate is the perfect combination of nutritious cocoa and the…


The Importance of Recovery

I competed in my first triathlon about three years ago. I didn’t have a coach, I didn’t understand training at all, and more importantly I didn’t understand the importance of recovery. Now, three years later and after having some experience,


Jeffrey Stern Talks Ecuador Cacao

  Like most of the rest of the world I had no idea Ecuador was the world’s largest producer of fine flavor cacao. Then my family and I decided to move to Ecuador and start our chocolate business and a


Race For A Better Heart

Running is fun. Running a race is even more fun. Lately, I’ve been averaging 1 road race a month and my times are getting better and better.  I’ll give all the credit to the Perfect Fuel Chocolate I’ve been eating,


Running’s Sole Mate

  Perfect Fuel Chocolate is proud to kick up dust about next week’s 1st annual Boston Barefoot Running Festival. It seems that barefoot running is our perfect match- promoting an innovative idea with a healthy lifestyle. Next weekend, Boston’s very

Boston Marathon

A Marathon of Inspiration

Boston is gearing up for the 116th Boston Marathon on April 16. That means it’s the time of year when we hope for amazing stories. Last year’s winner Geoffrey Mutai ran the fastest marathon ever (though Boston’s course doesn’t qualify for


Historical Roots: American Ginseng

Did you know that ginseng is not only a great supplement for promoting health but also an important part of American history? Panax ginseng, the species found in Asia, has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Panax


Recipe: Perfect Fuel Chili

It’s no secret. I’m shamelessly obsessed with chocolate. And sweet potatoes. And chili. And food… I guess? Right? Okay. After receiving the greatest little package in the world from Perfect Fuel Chocolate, I’ve been up to my big, fat, puffy,

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