About Us

Perfect Fuel delivers convenient, clean, and delicious energy and nutrition for the active lifestyle with powerful and pure organic ingredients for a natural boost. Our dark chocolate energy bites are 100% organic, super dark and pure – no refined sugars. Each energy bite is designed to be the right portion and can be eaten in the morning, mid afternoon on a long day, or 30 minutes before a workout for a boost.

It’s perfect for what you want, and it’s perfect for what you don’t want. It’s the perfect fuel. 


Our Story

Camping out the night before a triathlon in 2010, Nicolas Warren noticed he was missing his ginseng, an important part of his pre-race routine. On a mission to find ginseng, Nicolas drove for three hours, checking all the area stores and ginseng tea was all he could find.

Ginseng-IngOn his way back, he was wondering why he couldn’t mix his ginseng with his chocolate just like nuts. That would be one seriously healthy snack.

Good dark chocolate is already a pure, delicious, super nutritious food for athletes. Adding ginseng for the extra health benefit would be…. Perfect.


After a few test batches combining dark chocolate and other nutrient-packed ingredients, Nic realized how perfectly chocolate could deliver the vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and taste, as a better alternative to a chewy power blob. Ever since, Perfect Fuel Chocolate is dedicated to sharing this ideally nutritious and functional snack.

Meet The Founders

Nicolas Warren

CEO & Founder, Chief Chocothlete

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Health, entrepreneurship and sports are his longtime passions. After working hard in numerous companies and endurance sports, Nicolas founded Perfect Fuel Chocolate. Combining his love for business, healthy food and sports, Nicolas is focused on creating the “perfect snack for healthy, active life.”

Miles Masci

Director of Operations

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Working with cocoa farmers in Ecuador during his time in the Peace Corps, Miles developed a deep appreciation for cocoa production and the chocolate process. His connection to producers and searching for ways to solve their business problems led him to Babson College once he returned to the US. He earned his MBA in 2011 and joined Nicolas in his mission for creating Perfect Fuel Chocolate.

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